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ERP implementation and service price-list

The price of our services is not any secret knowledge.

enova365  obrazek do cennika XLE

In force since 01.10.2023 r.

The services are provided for customers in possession of maintenance contracts or a prepaid hours package.

Prepaid package*

from 220 PLN/h

Prepaid package pricelist

PackagePrice per 1h (PLN)Package price (PLN)
5 h285 1425
from 10 h265 from 2650
from 100 h240 from 24000
from 300 h200 from 60000
from 500 h220 from 66000

Subscription – service contract

from 210 PLN/h

Service contract options

Prepaid service is available in the amount of at least 2h/month. The procelist below is in force since 07.11.2022

ContractPrice (PLN)over-performance, PLN/1 h
2 h600 260
5 h1200 240
10 h2200 220
20 h4200 210
>20 hamount of hours x 210210

Beyond the statutory response time options:

Expressone-time skip-the-line fee for urgent orders200 PLN
N3BDadditional payment to the service contract that guarantees that the order will be taken up within 3 working days; additionally – unused hours are transferred to the next month – 50 PLN/do 1h/m-c 50 PLN/ for 1 h/ month
On dutyadditional payment to the service contract – extension of the statutory working time – see Regulations document1200 PLN/month

Prices in the price list do not include 23% of VAT.

* Packages are valid for one year from the date of purchase. For those interested in purchasing other systems packages, please contact us at
Packages purchased to handle service requests of systems other than enova365 lose their validity on March 31 2020. For further information, please contact us at or by phone: 58 746 35 00

** one-time surcharge to the service.

Lowering the value of the agreement while it is in force – 500 PLN

Helpdesk enova365

We accept service orders emailed to: or via Customer Zone (B2B):

More info soon…

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