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Why enova365?

enova365 is an excellent ERP system for standardization and automation of business processes.

As a company that has been implementing ERP systems in enterprises for many years, we have decided to implement enova365 exclusively due to the possibility of:

  • adding your own programming solutions – meaning flexibility,
  • integration with other programs,
  • current functionality updates,
  • always in accordance with the regulations, even with frequent changes,
  • remote work – from any place and with any device.

We are the Authorized Partner od enova365

which means, that we are the qualified expert team who provides sales and implementation services of enova365 system. It is us that you should contact if you want to implement an ERP system in your company.

We have been cooperating with Soneta sp. z o.o., the producer of enova365 software, for several years. What’s more we share the same passion for modern and flexible business solutions.

Advantages of enova365 software

At the initial stage of development, the company can purchase ERP enova365 in one of three color variants (in silver, gold or platinum version), which reflect the functional scope of the modules, and over time upgrade the version to a higher one without the need to reorganize, exchange and convert databases or data migration.

enova365 is an excellent system for standardizing and automating business processes and supporting company procedures. It combines the simplicity of use with the enormity of configuration and implementation options that respond to the individual specificity of the company in which it operates. It supports modern management methods, allows you to plan your activities.

The multi possibilities of ERP enova365

The standard functionality of the system can be freely extended with various types of add-ons, thus adjusting the program to even the most specific needs for a given industry or organization.

The growing requirements for the system no longer determine the need to change it – enova365 is an investment for many years, regardless of growing employment, company profile, changes on the market or in regulations.

enova365 is the only multi-interface system in Poland

The user can choose one of the ways to use the system: window (application installed on the computer), browser (access to the system via a web browser), touch (soon also mobile), being sure that he works on the same system, using the same database data.

Best in Cloud 2020 

enova365 has been developed in the cloud since 2011. The quality of these services was appreciated by the “Best in Cloud 2020” award granted in 2020 – the first place in the ERP / CRM product category in the cloud.enova365 jest rozwijana w chmurze od 2011 roku.

Cloud computing and ERP 

Cloud computing is a way of using external IT resources by renting them. 

In case of ERP, this means the following possibilities in the cloud: 

  • activation of a software license – ASP (Application Service Provider) model
  • placing data backups
  • activation of IT infrastructure – IaaS model (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • activation of entire installation – SaaS model (Software as a Service) 

enova365 in subscription option – the SaaS model

You do not need to purchase an enova365 licenses to use the functionality of this software.
In the subscription model, you get as part of the subscription fee:

  • access to enova365 in the cloud – for the modules you choose, 
  • IT space – on a server from a selected cloud provider,
  • technical support of the enova365 website by an Authorized Partner (i.e. XLE Sp.z o.o.).

Modules of enova365

Which areas of your business do you want to strengthen?

Our own solutions

Add-ons to enova365

XLE DMS Document Management System

The clean desk policy is a pipe dream? We know it’s real! Imagine an office without paper and dozens of binders. Scan the document and run XLE_DMS, a program that combines DMS and Workflow modules enova365, it will guide you step by step to where the document should be. From now on, you will always have it in view! XLE_DMS will simplify document management in your company. Copying, printing will become history. You can choose not to supply paper and toners. Start planning new investments!

Computer Telephony Integration

Contact with the client is the basis of business. We connect systems!

XLE_CTI is an add-on that allows the integration of the Datera Call-ex telephone exchange with the enova365 ERP system. This is an add-on that will very quickly become indispensable in your work. It will replace dozens of sticky notes and disappearing pens. The system will tell you which customer you are talking to. During the conversation, you can prepare an offer or find the document you are talking about. You can easily convert a note to an order for another employee in enova365 system. XLE_CTI will remember not only the contact, but also your conversation, it will remind you to call back while showing the history of the conversation.

Can you hear it? A new customer is calling. XLE_CTI already has his/her phone number, the rest is up to you.

How we proceed ERP implementation

Stages of purchase and implementation of enova365 IT system

The purchase and implementation of an IT system is a process that consists of repeated stages.
We always implement it based on our developed methodology.
We know that by acting in accordance with the adopted rules, we implement projects faster and more effectively.

Przed przystąpieniem do analizy przedwdrożeniowej poprosimy Cię o wypełnienie arkuszy, których opowiesz nam pokrótce o swojej firmie. Na ich podstawie określimy ile czasu potrzebujemy na przeprowadzenie analizy przedwdrożenowej, jej kosztorys oraz jakie zagadnienia musimy w niej omówić.

Dokument, który powstanie w oparciu o szereg spotkań z Twoimi pracownikami z różnych działów. Określimy wspólnie jakie masz potrzeby względem nowego systemu. Dzięki analizie możemy klarownie określić zakres i koszt wdrożenia oraz jego priorytety.

Nasz dział handlowy wraz z kierownikiem projektu analizy przygotuje ofertę na realizację Twoich indywidualnych potrzeb. Po zakupie licencji ustalamy harmonogram wdrożenia, podpisujemy umowę na realizację prac i przystępujemy do działania.

Na tym etapie następuje stworzenie oraz przetestowanie funkcji systemu, które zdefiniowaliśmy wspólnie na etapie analizy. Dochodzi tu również do rozwoju funkcjonalności dopasowanych do Twoich oczekiwań, tworzenia integracji i interfejsów, a także procesu migracji danych.

Twoi pracownicy zostaną przeszkoleni z poruszania się po systemie, interfejsu, funkcji podstawowy i wybranych funkcji zaawansowanych. Szkolenia mogą odbywać się indywidualnie lub w grupach; możemy je przeprowadzić u Ciebie jak i w naszej sali szkoleniowej; możemy prowadzić szkolenia osobiście jak i zadanie. Na życzenie Twoi pracownicy mogą otrzymać również instrukcje stanowiskowe.

Po szkoleniach będziemy Cię wspierać przez jakiś czas w generowaniu pierwszych dokumentów i raportów, w pierwszym zaciągnięciu wyciągów bankowych czy przy pierwszym naliczeniu wypłat.

enova365 helpdesk

Support after the enova365 implementation

The market, economic and tax law regulations as well as processes within the company are not constant. Added to this there is the development of the software itself by its producers. Our work does not end with the implementation of the system – we help in a maze of constant changes and adapt the system to the new reality and needs. We establish partnerships with our clients and help them in their development for many years – check our references.

We provide helpdesk services on the basis of a subscription agreement or a pre-paid hour package.

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